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Date Publication Title
10.31.2012 Mom Central To Fit or Not to Fit? ?Tis the main question when it comes to bra shopping
PDF: 626k
10.31.2012 The Wall Street Journal WSJ: Corporate News
PDF: 97k
06.01.2012 InStyle Magazine 2012 Best Bras
PDF: 304k
02.27.2012 Portfolio Successful Celebrities in Underwear
PDF: 163k
02.01.2012 Direct Marketing News Sending Targeted Emails
PDF: 160k
11.14.2011 Internet Retailer New Approach to Testing
PDF: 298k
10.25.2011 Internet Retailer Targeting women
PDF: 29k
10.10.2011 The Frisky At Home Bra Fitting
PDF: 125k
09.20.2011 The CMO Site Freshpair Sales Automation
PDF: 133k
09.01.2011 Direct Marketing News Brand Giveaways Email Growth
PDF: 86k
09.01.2011 Direct Marketing News Brand Giveaway Email Growth
PDF: 86k
08.08.2011 National Underwear Day Playhouse Hollywood
PDF: 221k
08.05.2011 Style Section L.A. NUD Style Section LA
PDF: 204k
08.05.2011 Antenna Magazine NUD Antenna Magazine
PDF: 141k
08.05.2011 WTOP 1035.FM NUD WTOP
PDF: 278k
08.04.2011 365 Days of Cake Pops Cake Pop Lady NUD
PDF: 141k
08.03.2011 One writer weighs in on America's "fake it 'till you make it" mentality
PDF: 132k
08.02.2011 Advertising Age How will you spend National Underwear Day?
PDF: 146k
08.01.2011 Body Guide Retail Profile:
PDF: 232k
04.26.2011 The Knot, Summer 2011 Issue
PDF: 228k
03.31.2011 DList Magazine
PDF: 1313k
03.31.2011 Antenna Magazine, Spring 2011
PDF: 379k
03.31.2011 Mark's List, 3-3-2011
PDF: 326k
03.31.2011 Glamour Magazine iPad App
07.30.2010 Campus Circle Campus Circle
PDF: 235k
07.30.2010 Seventeen Seventeen
PDF: 410k
07.30.2010 PR Canada PR Canada
PDF: 291k
07.30.2010 Haute and the City Haute and the City
PDF: 326k
07.30.2010 bizjournals bizjournals
PDF: 225k
07.30.2010 WWD Briefs Encounter
PDF: 2045k
07.30.2010 Examiner New York Examiner New York
PDF: 291k
07.26.2010 Coupon Album Coupon Album
PDF: 302k
07.21.2010 Change your Underwear for National Underwear Day
PDF: 219k
07.21.2010 Yahoo! Finance 8th National Underwear Day
PDF: 305k
07.21.2010 AlphaTrade Finance Alpha Trade
PDF: 233k
07.21.2010 Stylelist Stylelist
PDF: 465k
07.20.2010 Fashion Cents Fashion Cents
PDF: 269k
07.15.2010 CNBC Are we in recovery?
PDF: 353k
06.27.2010 The Houston Chronicle Accentuate the Positive
PDF: 666k
06.02.2010 INDYPOSTED Spanx for Men Deliver Easy Six Pack Abs
PDF: 227k
06.01.2010 The Independant Things Are Shaping Up
PDF: 323k
06.01.2010 Black Book Men Love Manx
PDF: 305k
06.01.2010 True/Slant Mirdles? Men Discover the Joys of Shapewear
PDF: 288k
06.01.2010 Manolith Manshapers: Spanx for Men
PDF: 329k
06.01.2010 Queerty Are Men Really Buying Into the Spanx Craze? Apparently So
PDF: 331k
06.01.2010 The Huffington Post Spanx for Men a Huge Retail Hit!
PDF: 306k
06.01.2010 Hindustan Times Push-up Bras for Men in Vogue
PDF: 325k
05.28.2010 The New York Times Men’s ‘Shapewear’ Is a Retail Hit
PDF: 1601k
05.17.2010 New York Times: Media Decoder 2(x)ist Will 'Xist' Again in Print
PDF: 209k
04.19.2010 Women's Wear Daily Niche Brands Changing Face of Men's Underwear Business
PDF: 629k
10.02.2009 Deb's Style File Can Men’s Underwear Save the Economy?
PDF: 91k
08.12.2009 Men's Fashion by Francesco National Underwear Day
PDF: 28k
07.20.2009 Woman's World The Best Bra and Panty for Your Body
04.01.2008 Women's Health Ironclad
PDF: 146k
08.08.2005 The Daily Times TN tackles Undie Day
PDF: 33k
08.07.2005 Kokomo Tribune Velveeta Marie and Undie Day
PDF: 34k
08.02.2005 AOL City Guide: New York AOL Wacky Events of the Month
PDF: 56k