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National Underwear Day

For the vast majority, every day is underwear day, with boxers and briefs, bras and panties the very first things on in the morning and off at night -- or earlier, if you're having a lucky day. And while Americans spend more than $13 billion a year (about $44 per person) on undies, according to event organizer, the online retailer thinks those unmentionables need to be... mentioned a bit more. So for the third straight year, Aug. 10 becomes the day to celebrate the camisole and expound on the brief. And it'll be a voyeur's dream: Twenty male and female models clad in just their most tighty of whitey and pretty of panty will roam "highly visible" backdrops in New York, like Penn Station, Rockefeller Center and Times Square (where the Naked Cowboy, by comparison, will seem overdressed in his hat and boots). Once there, the models will spend their time looking fabulous while polling New Yorkers and tourists on their trunk and thong tendencies and asking them to sign a petition encouraging official recognition of a day for the drawers. As if the 364 other days aren't enough. -- Dan Rivkin

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