perfect sports bras: Sports bra support that matches your workout intensity from low to high impact

The Right Sports Bra Support for Your Workout

Acceleration, displacement, and velocity are all important factors of breast movement when working out. Without the proper support, exercise can stretch the breast tissue creating the saggy-boob look. To prevent this, make sure you are wearing the proper sports bra tailored to your activity level.

Low impact sports bras are designed for comfort but won’t provide compression and encapsulation support like high impact bras. You’ll feel less restricted when taking long walks, light hikes, or doing yoga. The Anita Light and Firm Sports Bra is breathable and lightly lined allowing for total comfort and support.

Activities like volleyball and tennis increase breast movement. Medium impact sports bras are perfect for these activities. Full figure and full busted girls can stay supported while kickboxing in the Shock Absorber Classic Sports Bra while smaller and average cups can add a little padding with the Shock Absorber Active Sports Padded Bra.

Many sports bras are designed to give you the highest level of support so you can have a bra to run, jump, and flip in. Moving Comfort has championed the bra design focusing on encapsulating the breast tissue and reducing bounce. Just like you invest in a good pair of running shoes, it is equally important to take care of your breasts. Enell sports bras bras are designed for active full figure and full bust women who are looking for support and comfort. Wide straps reduce shoulder fatigue and the wireless design allows you to work out without any poking.

Encapsulation vs. Compression

Encapsulation styles look similar to regular bras and are designed to contour your curves for a naturally defined appearance. Designed with underwire construction and separate molded cups, they lift, separate, and support the breasts. They often come in C cups and larger, perfect for full figure women.

Compression bras are not designed with traditional cups. Instead, they feature sleek stretch fabric, which hugs and “compresses” your bust to your chest, minimizing bounce. Since most compression bras are pullovers, you can easily slip one over your head, and, with no hardware to chafe or dig, you’re guaranteed smooth support.

Ideally your wardrobe should include both types of sports bras. For moderate to intense workouts, you'll want at least one compression style. And, for high to maximum activity, you'll want several encapsulation bras—especially if you wear a C or D cup or larger. For sports bra that target both encapsulation and compression, try the Shock Absorber D+ Max Sports Bra or the Moving Comfort Maia Adjustable Strap High Impact Sports Bra.

Did You Know?
Post Workout is Perfect for Breast Check-ups

Sheila McGowan, labor and delivery nurse at the Hospital of the University of Philadelphia, recommends performing a breast check-up several times a month. McGowan says, “In the shower, after you’ve exercised, is the easiest and most convenient way to perform a breast exam. Warm water helps relax the breast tissue and makes it easier to feel lumps under wet skin than on dry.“ McGowan explains it’s important for women to check their breasts at different times of the month, “Your hormones change and the more frequently you check your breasts, the more familiar you’ll be with your body. What’s normal for one woman, is different for another.”

What to Check For:

  • Any new lump whether painful or not
  • Unusual thick areas
  • Sticky or bloody nipple discharge
  • Any changes in the skin of your breasts or nipples, such as puckering or dimpling
  • An unusual increase in the size of one breast

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