problems + solutions: say farewell to visible panty lines, pinching waistbands, and the awkward rise

Panty Problems & Fix-Its

So long awkward panty lines and muffin tops. Smooth silhouettes are here.


Peeking Panty

You love your panties except that they keep seeking the spotlight. If your panties are peeking over jeans and shorts, it’s time to take note.


Low rise style underwear is an easy solution. Designed with a low cut waistband, you’re guaranteed to keep your panties in your pants.


Visible Panty lines

Your panty lines are noticeable beneath thinner fabrics, creating awkward bumps and preventing a seamless silhouette.


Opt for minimal or seamless styles such as thongs or panties with laser cut edges. Made of a stretchy nylon, the Hanky Panky Stretch Signature Lace Thong comes in a variety of 25 different fun colors and offers an incredibly comfortable fit.


Pinching Leg Bands

Your leg bands are pressing in, irritating your skin and leaving grooves and indentations.


Try a high cut style or shop for panties with covered elastic leg bands. Also consider seamless edges for a smooth, comfortable fit.


Flat Booty

No matter what, you just can’t get that booty boost. There’s a solution for achieving the lift you desire.


Try shapewear with butt boosting power such as Spanx Slimplicity Booty-Boost Short. Removable padding gives your butt the boost you’ve wanted while sleek microfiber smoothes your waist, tummy, and hips for a slimming effect.


Muffin Top

Your waistband is too tight, squeezing your tummy and creating the dreaded top roll.


Try something that’s seamless or a smoother fabric. Bali Comfort Revolution Microfiber Solid Brief is built with a silky soft microfiber that fits like a second skin with thin elastic leg bands that anchor the fit.


Panties are Riding Up

Your panties are bunching up for an uncomfortable fit. Needless to say—-it’s awkward.


You need more coverage and should move up a size for a flattering, comfortable fit. Or the elastic is worn and can’t sit securely (toss them).