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The Best Bra for Your Breast Shape

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, their composition changing over time. See which shape and frame is most like your body and which bras will flatter your breasts best.

firm + full

A full coverage bra can help support full breast tissue. Where demi cups push breast tissue up high on your chest, a full coverage bra contains it, providing a smooth silhouette. To diminish a full cup appearance, opt for a minimizer style which will reduce cup size in comfort.

shallow top, full bottom

If you have a shallow top and fuller breast tissue on the bottom, a demi cup or push-up style will create a fuller appearance. Demi cup bras have straps that sit wider on the shoulders and the underwire is molded to create more of a lift. Push-up styles can create a large cup look or help shape your existing size.

shallow top + bottom

If your breasts hang lower than they used to, opt for full coverage or seamed bras. A 2-part or 3-part seamed cup will lift and push the breast tissue in for a flattering fit, with transversal seams creating a rounded appearance.

close set

A bra that encapsulates and separates will help eliminate the uni-boob look that can come with close set breasts. Also try molded cup bras which provide a wide center gore, allowing each breast to fill separate cups. Avoid push-up styles which typically feature a small center gore, bringing the breasts even closer together.

wide set

For wide set breasts, choose bras with sturdy, supportive side wings, which gather breast tissue and move it towards the cup for a more secure, front and center fit. Bras with slings or side-boning will also lend support to breast tissue that sits more on the side than the bust line center and are best for larger cup sizes. For small to average size breasts, opt for a plunge bra or push-up bra.


Every woman has one breast that is larger than the other. For a slight size difference, try stretch cup bras that contour your breast shape or molded cups designed for a larger size (they will conceal the difference). For an easy, quick-fix solution, bras with removable padding or cookies will do the trick—simply remove the padding from the larger cup size.

narrow shoulders

Similar to tailored clothing, you should wear a bra that is right for your body type. Many bras are available in petite sizes for narrower frames. Wacoal, for example, designs their popular average and full figure bras for petite frames with cups that don’t over-cover and straps that stay in place. Racerbacks and bras with convertible straps are also ideal options.

Broad shoulders

Demi cup bras have straps that sit further apart and are perfect for women with broad shoulders. If your bra straps are showing under sleeveless tops, a wide racerback style will conceal them and provide a comfortable fit. Opt for a classic racerback or try Y-back and T-back styles.


Post surgery, wireless bras with soft cups provide comfortable support. Or your doctor may suggest a surgical bra. Once healed, underwire bras with side boning are a sensible option for women seeking wider wings and greater support. Created by  board-certified plastic surgeon, David B. Brother, MD, the Le Mystere No. 9 collection is designed for augmented breasts, featuring bras that are rounder, deeper, and more forward-shaping than a traditional bra, complementing breast enhancement.