bra wardrobe: Build your bra wardrobe with these essentials and you’ll be set for life

The Essential Bra Collection

Regardless of how many shoes we store in our closet, we always have a few fundamental pairs for every occasion. Just like the perfect shoes, the right bra wardrobe will ensure you're stylish and put together.


We’ve all been there—you’ve just hit the dance floor. The strapless looked great when you were standing still, but now you’re doing a shimmy. Feet moving, bra shifting, hands flying to do damage control. It’s uncomfortable. It’s unattractive. The beautiful bridesmaid and the boobs that wouldn’t stay put. Put an end to it.

A good strapless is a girl’s best friend and every woman’s lingerie drawer needs one. If well constructed and correctly worn, it can prevent embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions and awkward fidgeting. Make sure the band fits snugly and shop for a strapless with a plush underwire and silicone grippers that line the top and base of its wings. These will help anchor the bra for the ultimate secure fit.

Specialty Bra

Designed to accommodate dresses and tops with plunging necklines, the balconette or demi bra belongs in your collection. Constructed with cups cut in a straight line across each breast, the balconette bra covers the lower part or three-quarters of your breasts so you can enjoy flattering necklines without bra peekage.


If you’re a full busted woman, the minimizer is a sensible choice when you’re in a blouse blunder—the buttons are stretching a little too far and you’re on the verge of a wardrobe malfunction. A good minimizer bra can reduce the breast by an inch, pulling the breast tissue in for a smooth fit (no peek-a-boos).

A bra wardrobe is essential because it allows you to rotate bras, giving each one a rest.

Bra fit specialist, Sara Cutcher, explains, “It’s important to have a bra for every day of the week. Even if you don’t use all the wardrobe bras often, if you’re a t-shirt bra girl for example, make sure you have 3 or 4 of them.” Bras last about a year if properly cared for and need a day of rest. If worn too often, the latex will lose its elasticity from continual stretch. Cutcher advises not wearing a bra more than twice before washing it and stocking your lingerie drawer with color choices. “It’s best to have an everyday bra in three nudes, one black, and a fun fashion color so you can rotate them with outfits.” It’s also important to think about your basics in threes—one for wear, one for the wash, and one in the drawer. For proper care of intimates, read our wash & care guide.


Perfect for casual tees, the t-shirt bra provides a smooth silhouette. Made with molded or contour cups, t-shirt bras create a seamless, virtually invisible look under favorite tees and thin fabrics. Some t-shirt and strapless bras feature convertible straps, perfect when you want halter, racerback, and one shoulder options.

Push-Up Bra

When you want to give your breasts a boost, the push-up is your go-to bra. Designed to lift the breasts, the push-up slims your silhouette by raising your chest and lengthening your waist.

Sports Bra

Whatever your workout intensity, from kickboxing to power walking, a supportive sports bra is a must. Since different sports require different levels of support, sports bra manufacturers have defined bras by low, medium, and high impact. Read about our perfect sports bras guide and find the right level for you.

Bedroom Bra

Special occasion or date night, call it what you will, the bedroom bra lives in every woman’s bra arsenal. That frilly little thing that looks amazing on and comes off quick. Who are we kidding—it sets the mood. As this one is really a matter of personal preference, stock it, work it, and enjoy.