problems + solutions: from unruly straps to painful wires, each solution is here

The Ouch Factor: Top Bra Problems

Not all bras are made the same and what makes your body unique can make bra fitting a nightmare.
From painful underwires to digging straps, read and solve bra fit problems here.


Rising Back Band

The band is creeping upward, creating a see-saw effect where the breasts are falling downward.


The band must be perfectly level front to back and fit snug, anchoring the breasts. Try reducing the band size but also increase the cup.


Double Busting or Quad Boob

The breasts are spilling over the front of the bra or under the arm, creating a double boob appearance.


The cups are simply too small. Increase the cup size and check that the band is flush against your chest for a snug fit.


Straps that Dig

The bra straps feel tight and leave indentations on your shoulders.


The right bra should rely on the band for maximum support, not the straps, and may require a smaller band size for a secure fit. Consider wide set straps and cushioned strap linings to relieve shoulder stress.


Straps That Slip

The bra straps spend more time slinking down your arm than resting on your shoulder.


More weight is in the cup or the straps are worn. Try convertible bras with adjustable straps for a narrow V-shaped, secure fit.


Cups that Pucker or Gap

The breasts are swimming in the cups, leaving gaps or dimpling.


The cups are too big and can’t enclose the breast tissue. Decrease the cup size so that the breasts are fully contained and check that the band is snug.


Back Bulge

The bra wings hug your body too tight, creating unsightly ripples.


Bras with a wide back band banish back fat by covering more area, eliminating the formation of bulges. Your back band may also be too high and simply needs to be lowered by loosening the straps.



Cool weather has a bold effect—you’re the first one to show that the temperature is dropping.


Contour cups help prevent show-through without bulky padding. Opt for bras with built-in concealing petals or try separate adhesive petals.


Float Away Center

The center (or gore) is outward and moving away from your chest.


Either you're in a cup that's too small and won't allow the center panel to sit flush against your skin or you're in the right size but the wrong style for your body. Try a larger cup or contact our specialists for style information.

For assistance on which styles or specific brands are best for you, call our Bra Fit Specialists at (866) 663-6613.