growing pains: solutions for digging waistbands and constricting pouches

Undie Fix-Its: Solve Tight Underwear, Awkward Bunching, And The Stubborn Wedgie

No two bodies are the same, which is why today’s selection of men’s underwear styles is so vast compared to what our fathers shopped for. We all face our own unique fit issues—whether it’s digging waistbands, constricting pouches, or saggy seats. Consider these options before subscribing to your next underwear selection:


Digging Waistbands & Chafing

You find yourself peeling your underwear off at the end of the day, waistband marks and chafing leaving a not-so-friendly impression.


Either it’s time for a size-up or you should consider switching to a synthetic blend of underwear style without an elastic waistband. Try soft microfiber waistbands or underwear with encased elastic. If chafing thighs has you feeling chapped, a boxer brief will protect your legs from rubbing against each other.


Restrictive Pouch

Your underwear has you feeling like a prisoner and is too constraining on your package.


It’s time to break-out and try a contour pouch. There are a multitude of men’s underwear brands that offer a unique take on the contour pouch. When pondering the pouch, consider the stretch of the material, placement of seams, and in some cases, the height of the lift. Some pouches are designed to be seen (even beneath your pants).


Shapeless Seat

Your seat has room enough for two, with excess fabric creating a droopy rear.


It’s time to reupholster your backside with a more flattering fit. We recommend a stretchy synthetic-blend, which will conform more to the shape of your butt as opposed to 100% cotton which tends to drape. In some cases, switching to a low rise style will also prevent saggy seats. Extra fabric on the posterior can also result in underwear that rides up.


Hot Pants (Literally)

Your underwear just can’t beat the heat and traps sweat easily.


Avoid cotton underwear (which absorbs moisture) and opt for a breathable, stretch microfiber or a moisture-wicking fabric for maximum comfort. For sports and other physical activities, always wear breathable underwear with compression—not only does it help prevent groin injuries, but will keep you from getting too sweaty.


Peeking Waistband

Chronic waistband exposure has others blushing in your presence at a fashion statement and fit gone wrong.


You may need to move from full rise or mid rise underwear to low rise underwear. Another solution to prevent a peeking waistband is an undershirt that you can tuck into your pants—Tommy John Stay Tucked Shirts are guaranteed to stay put.


Bunching in the Crotch

You’re struggling with excess fabric in the groin for a bunchy, uncomfortable fit.


Each underwear brand offers varying levels of pouch support, so if you’re experiencing full frontal fabric overload, you may want to experiment with different brands. Underwear with elastic or spandex typically sit closer to the skin and are less likely to bunch than those without.



Your underwear keeps riding up in back. Needless to say—-it’s awkward.


Proper fitting underwear should never cause the hated wedgie. If you’re experiencing frequent wedgies in briefs, trunks, or boxer briefs, it could be due to elastic leg bands that aren’t tight enough, preventing the underwear from staying anchored.