evolution of underwear: a history of underwear from Cavemen to Calvin Klein, fig leaf to contour pouch

In The Beginning
Fig leaves are ancestor to today’s natural fiber underwear. Probably much rougher than modal or cotton underwear.

1352 B.C.E.
Pharoah Tutankhamun is buried with 145 loincloths. Paves the way for men’s underwear enthusiasts.

Codpieces are the first package enhancers…worn as outerwear! Similar to how Tom Cruise made white briefs popular in the 1980’s, King Henry VIII made the codpiece fashionable.

Hanes union suits are all the rage. Drop-flap seats make extended visits to a frigid bathroom much more bearable.

Elastic waistbands make slipping on your underpants a snap. Underwear becomes much more resilient and supportive.

Men’s underwear gets brief. The first modern brief hits store shelves and is an overnight success.

Wartime: White undies hanging out to dry draw enemy fire. Color is introduced as a functional, and sometimes life-saving, alternative to bright white.

The thong takes South America by storm. No longer just for strippers, this sexy men’s underwear style solves the problem of male VPL.

Tom Cruise gets risqué in his tighty-whities in Risky Business. Men’s classic white briefs are propelled into mainstream popularity.

Mark Wahlberg drops trou for Calvin Klein revealing his affinity for sexy boxer briefs and further cementing popularity and longevity for the new underwear style.

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3000 B.C.E
Leather loincloths are both functional and stylish.

Braies replace the loincloth as a predecessor to baggy boxer shorts. Primitive in design, the braie features a loose fit and a drop-crotch.

The cotton gin is introduced and is a pivotal moment in underwear history. Mass-produced cotton underwear soon hits shelves.

J.C. Leyendecker illustrates the first national advertisements for men’s underwear. Newspaper subscribers are scandalized and tantalized.

The fly-front is invented creating easy access for right-handers.

Munsingwear designs “kangaroo pouch” horizontal fly underwear for men. Finally, a fly-front that works for left-handers!

Innovations in color, pattern, and design lead the way in fashion underwear for men.

Underwear exposed: Calvin Klein underwear hits the billboards in Times Square. Underwear advertising takes a sexy new turn.

Sagging pants reveal that young men have switched from briefs to boxer shorts and the innovative new boxer brief.

The first National Underwear Day is celebrated in Times Square with a bevvy of beautiful models, clad only in underwear.

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