boxers or briefs: a new take on an old debate

Men’s Underwear Styles: Personal Choice, a New Take on an Old Debate

The men’s underwear game once only had two major players— boxers and briefs—but now there is more opportunity than ever for a man to express his style when getting dressed for the day. Men are no longer expected to declare loyalty to one style. Every style of underwear lends itself to different occasions. Moisture-wicking briefs, trunks, and jockstraps excel in athletic environments, while seamless briefs or thongs will go unnoticed beneath dress pants. Update your drawers with multiple styles well suited for you.


Full coverage with freedom of movement, the boxer short has a long cut leg in a relaxed or tailored fit.


The best of brief and boxer, the boxer brief is fit like a brief but has a longer, boxer cut leg.


The bikini offers a low cut waist and a high cut leg. Expect less coverage than the brief for a sexy, modern fit.


Similar to the thong in coverage, but constructed with two straps for backside support. For high-impact sports, a jockstrap with a cup offers more support and protection.


With a full coverage seat, but with less leg coverage than the trunk, the brief is fitted for support and style.


Similar to a boxer brief but with a shorter cut leg. The trunk is fitted and is less likely to ride up.


With its waistband, strap, and pouch, the thong is a perfect cut for the minimalist.

A World of Options

From boardroom to beachfront, there’s an underwear style for every man’s lifestyle. Check out our tips for a comfortable fit that’s perfect for you.

Weathering Styles

If you find you’re averse to wearing a pair of boxer shorts, consider the breathable fit and comfort they provide when combating the heat. Likewise, a profile enhancing pouch brief will lift your business away from your body preventing unwanted sweat. While 100% cotton is soft and comfortable, micro modal is silky and lightweight—perfect for warm weather. Nylon underwear will stand-up well in strenuous activities and offer a smooth, sleek finish while Merino wool holds the title for both extremes; the naturally temperature-regulating will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. All of these fabrics play a part in comfort, and can also work together in blends making ideal base layers for a variety of events.

Taking Shape

While we can offer plenty of advice on what underwear style looks better on different body types, ultimately, the decision should be based on what makes you feel best. Briefs alone offer an extensive assortment of silhouettes for all different types of men—whether it’s the classic, white cotton, fly-front brief, or a low-rise, contour pouch brief in a fashion color. Boxer shorts are now available in a stylish, tailored fit as well as the relaxed fit made popular in the 90’s. Newest to the annals of underwear history, the trunk is a shorter, square-cut version of its predecessor, the boxer brief. And, not to be confined to strip joints and bodybuilding competitions, men’s thongs and g-strings serve a higher purpose in the boardroom—working hard to prevent visible underwear lines beneath your trousers.

Express Yourself

What you wear beneath your clothes should be as fun and unique as you are, or wish to be. If drab work clothes or uniforms—or company policy—have you seeing drab neutrals every day, start mixing up the styles in your underwear drawer with bold prints, bright colors, and diverse textures and fabrics. Don’t be afraid to get a little risqué—a thong will have you feeling adventurous and daring even when sitting at your computer for eight hour days. Give others a peek at your inner-exhibitionist by flashing a stylish waistband above your jeans. With new fashion styles coming in every season, there’s never any shortage of distinctive new underwear styles for men.