The Cut of IT: men's t-shirt styles from tanks to v-necks

Men’s T-Shirt Guide

Men come in different shapes, sizes, and personalities, and so do t-shirts. With such a wide variety of options, shopping can be daunting. Here is a rundown of t-shirt styles to help you find your perfect fit.


The classic crew neck pairs perfectly with your favorite dress shirt, but only when you’re buttoned for a tie. If you’re sporting an opaque dress shirt, short sleeve undershirts work fine, but if sleeve lines make an appearance, opt for a long sleeve undershirt. Of course, if it’s crisp and clean, a tailored fit crew neck t-shirt is perfect on its own for a classic, summer look a la Marlon Brando.


Tank tops and muscle tanks are suitable as gym attire, beach wear, or for lounging about the house on a warm summer day. Both shirts provide ease of movement, but won’t prevent underarm stains like a traditional undershirt.


A modern twist on the classic crew neck, the v-neck is well-suited beneath a dress shirt that isn't buttoned to the collar, beneath a polo or v-neck sweater. Note that there are different sized necks, from a high-cut v-neck to a deep v-neck. If you're wearing a v-neck with shorts or jeans, go with a fashion color or contrasting trim for extra style points.


If sweating isn’t much of an issue, the muscle tank is a great undershirt for those days when you want to hit the gym on your way home from work. Perfect for sun and surf, a tank top with contrasting trim and bold colors is the perfect way to complete your swim look. For more info on performance t-shirts, check out Peak Performance.