travel tips: what to pack when jetsetting

A good rule of thumb for packing your suitcase—keep it light and comfortable. Follow these guidelines and you’re destined for a smooth getaway on and off the tarmac.

Light As Air

Thinner fabrics, and even minimal coverage undies, t-shirts, and socks will take up less space in your suitcase. If you’re feeling confident, thongs and jockstraps are as compact as you can get. Sleeveless t-shirts and tank tops fold smoother than shirts with sleeves. If you prefer full coverage, such as a v-neck or crew neck t-shirt, boxer shorts and briefs, opt for a thin, lightweight fabric such as modal or silk. Unless you’re traveling in winter temperatures, ankle socks or thin knit socks will squeeze into tighter spaces than a thick wool sock.

Fit for Flight: Our Top Picks for a Comfortable Ride


Compression tees and socks are perfect for high elevations, keeping muscles warm and providing improved circulation and oxygen delivery. Diabetic socks are specifically designed for compression and reduce pressure. Try the Wigwam Diabetic Sport Quarter Sock for a less turbulent fit.


For a compression undershirt option, pack the Equmen Core Precision V-Neck Undershirt. Designed in conjunction with physiotherapists and ergonomic specialists to improve posture, reduce back pain, and provide core support, this is one shirt that works hard so you don’t have to.


Both Tommy John and Calvin Klein offer extensive collections of soft, breathable micro modal underwear for seamless comfort regardless the altitude. Our men’s buying team recommends the Calvin Klein Micro Modal Lyrca Trunk for jetsetting in comfort.