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A Need For Speed

Throw yourself a lifeline before you hit the water. These swim tips will keep you (and your swimwear) from sinking.

Sport Swimwear That Won’t Drag You Down

While boardshorts and swim shorts are great for lounging poolside or beachfront, they can’t compete with swimming laps, aquatic fitness, polo, or other water sports. Loose-fitting swim shorts create slack that will slow a swimmer down. Tyrone Hutchinson, Co-Head Coach at Red Tide Masters Swimming, explains, “Drag is the biggest detriment to swimmers. However, many swimmers like to train with added resistance so when it comes to race day their swim feels effortless and efficient. Square cut trunks add a little extra layer of resistance while still allowing for full range of motion during training.” Opt for short cuts, high-tech Lycra or polyester fabrics, and minimal gadgets—hit the water with a smooth start for a first place finish.

Swim Safe

First and foremost, lather up. You probably thought the skin beneath your swimsuit was safe from the sun (not true). For those unbearably hot, ozone alert days, a swimsuit with UV / UPF sun protection will keep you from getting too toasty down-under.

Minimize the Details

Details count. What may seem convenient during a barbeque will be bothersome in the lane. Baggy pockets and accessories such as key clips and external straps and cords don’t cut water, whereas an interior drawstring creates an adjustable fit and provides a smooth silhouette. Also, a suit with drainage holes will help eliminate excess water.

Keep it Tight

If you’re a competitive swimmer, choose a snug-fitting swim brief or swim bikini. Hutchinson explains, “When it comes to a race, form fitting suits allow a swimmer to eliminate drag and cut through the water with great ease. A racing suit should act like a second skin which is why a bikini style is a popular choice among competitive swimmers.” Consider Lycra which offers the most stretch for a smooth fit and suits with 100% knitted PBT, a texturized polyester with natural stretch similar to spandex.

The Emporio Armani Logo Lycra Swim collection offers an assortment of sporty suits that cut water in style

Get a Boost

For a suit with pouch support, try the aussieBum Squad Boosterjock Swim. Engineered with luxe Italian Lycra, it features a horizontal fabric panel that lifts your package from beneath for optimum support. Want a boost on your own terms? C-IN2’s Slick Brazilian Swim collection features a patented, high-tech Sling Support. Designed with clip-in, clip-out technology, it lets you remove the sling or slide it on and clip it in for extra support.

Clip-in, clip-out technology for when you want a boost

Let it Live

Life expectancy for a performance swimsuit varies depending on amount of use, but when they begin to lose compression, it’s time to replace them. Salt water and chlorine take a toll on fabrics, and while it’s difficult to combat salt water, some men’s swimsuits have been developed with a resistance to chlorine. Look for suits with chlorine-resistant fabric for an extended shelf life and polyester fabrics which last longer than Lycra.

Smooth polyester cuts water and lasts longer