peak performance: essential fitness gear from best jockstraps to padded athletic socks

Fitness Gear Fit For You

Pushing fitness limits doesn't mean you should push comfort levels. Whether pumping iron or blazing trails, Freshpair has you covered where it counts. From Coolmax jockstraps to breathable compression shirts, all terrain to All Star, get suited up below.

Performance Underwear

Performance underwear helps athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike reach and surpass their goals while staying comfortable. Sturdy and soft, well constructed performance underwear will help you manage the most intense training days with ease.

No matter what your sport of choice is, a jockstrap protects the family jewels by keeping your boys close to home when your body is bouncing around. Soft, sporty, and engineered with moisture-wicking Coolmax, the Calvin Klein Pro Stretch Jockstrap has our vote. Made from a densely knitted stretch cotton that provides firm support and containment, the Pro Stretch Jockstrap offers a breathable fit while its Coolmax waistband keeps you dry and cool.

Another hot commodity with cooling effects, the Bike 2-Pack Performance Cotton Jockstrap features a wide, plush lined waistband with a breathable stretch mesh pouch. Sleek and soft, it offers an ultra comfortable support system for all your athletic needs, providing great lift and protection where you need it.

Performance Shirts

Well equipped for intense workouts, a serious performance shirt will optimize your core and allow maximum flexibility for peak performance. Perfect for upper body reps, compression shirts provide comfort while sculpting your body into the masterpiece you desire.

A blue ribbon winner, the Equmen Core Precision Crew Neck Undershirt doesn’t mess around. Designed with exclusive Helix Mapping Technology, a unique body-mapping system that builds physio taping techniques into the garment, it reinforces and supports the body's natural structure from the core. Crisscrossing the upper and lower back, compression on the shirt gently pulls the shoulders back to support an upright posture—perfect when you want ultimate support (and a little swagger).

Performance Socks

Pound the pavement with performance socks built to handle wear and tear. The right socks can prevent blisters, provide cushioning, and help avoid athlete’s foot so you can endure grueling exercises now without discomfort later.

Terrain Socks

Optimal for hikers and outdoorsman looking to stay comfortable while trekking rugged territory, Wigwam's Terrain Trax Pro Sock lets you face nature without a concern about blisters or athlete’s foot. Engineered with patented dri-release technology, it provides moisture absorbing and moisture repelling fibers. The moisture absorbing fibers pull moisture through the fabric while the moisture repelling fibers push the moisture to the surface of the sock where it can evaporate quickly as airflow moves across the fabric. A cushioned sole offers hikers support and a breathable mesh instep provides ventilation. Complete with odor control agent, Freshguard, the Terrain Trax Pro Sock is perfect for all your camping adventures or frequent trail blazing.

Sport Socks

Sport socks are best for athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking for a sock that will help increase performance while also provide comfort during strenuous exercise. For a comfortable choice with a no-show fit, the Falke Sport Spirit Run Invisible Sock is a favorite, featuring an anatomical plush sole and breathable, moisture-wicking fabric. Another running staple, the Wigwam Cool-Lite Pro Quarter features a hand linked toe seam that prevents bunching up inside your shoe, a Y-heel for an ergonomic fit, and a cushioned sole to absorb shock.