Don’t Sweat it: The coolest workouts with moisture-wicking technology

Moisture-wicking Fabrics: From TransDry to Quick-dry, the High-Tech Way to Cool

With innovative fabrics that beat the heat, working out has taken on a whole new level of cool.


TransDry, an innovative moisture-wicking technology spearheaded by Cotton, Inc., and featured in C-IN2’s “Grip” line, has changed the way of the workout. Designed with a textile treatment, TransDRY provides a “2000% improvement in one-way transfer of moisture to the outside of the fabric.” The result? You stay cool and dry longer with performance wear that beats the heat.

All About Yarn

According to Cotton, Inc., it starts with the yarn. The TransDRY technology begins by treating cotton yarns with a special process to make them repellent. Blending the right amount of repellent yarns with absorbent cotton yarns creates cotton fabrics that have a lower overall absorbent capacity that mimics that of polyester and nylon. As a result, TransDRy fabrics dry up to twice as fast as regular cotton and do not become over-saturated and uncomfortable during exercise. The result is comfortable, soft cotton that performs like high-tech synthetic fabrics.

Coolmax & Quick-Dry

Two additional moisture-wicking fabrics, chosen by athletes and workout enthusiasts alike, Coolmax and Quick-dry fabrics turn the cool on sweat. Coolmax pulls moisture away from your skin, absorbing and spreading it out across the fabric to enhance the evaporative drying rate— air moves in to keep your body cool and dry.

Quick-dry fabric uses a unique cross-section fiber, quickly pulling sweat and moisture from the skin surface and extending the wet surface area of the fabric much wider than general fiber, enabling sweat to air dry and evaporate. The complex fiber is constructed by many micro-spaces inside the yarn, enabling air to pass easily for more breathable fabric. The result is an excellent dry touch and cooling effect.