Frigo No. 3 Stretch Cotton Cyclist Shorts

No. 3 Stretch Cotton Cyclist Shorts

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Frigo No. 3 Stretch Cotton Cyclist Shorts (3W9):

  • Soft cotton stretch construction
  • Patented, adjustable interior mesh pouch keeps you supported and prevents sweating and chafing
  • The pouch's soft lock adjustment system lets you adjust the fit to your own preference
  • Exposed waistband with statement logo
  • Ergonomic seam placement along inner thigh
  • Silicone-lined leg openings anchor the fabric, preventing ride-up


The Frigo 3 Stretch Cotton collection comprises a pouch and the Frigo soft lock adjustment system. The pouch provides unparalleled support and uniquely features a specially designed cooling barrier, with materials carefully selected for comfort and moisture-wicking. The pouch works with the Frigo lock, adjusting from both ends to provide individualized fit and control. Getting set up is fast and easy, and you only have to do it once. And at the end of the day, being dry and cool — without the jock itch — is worth it.


How it Works: For the most comfortable fit, adjust the Frigo pouch by using the buttons on both sides. Starting with one side, unfasten the elastic from the button that holding is it in place. Refasten the button in a hole further down on the elastic strip if you want more active support, or in the other direction for more cradling. Remember to move both buttons to the same number of holes to keep things straight. Snap the pants back in place to see if they are fitting properly, and make adjustments if necessary. Note that your entire anatomy is supposed to be placed in the pouch.


Materials: 90% cotton, 10% elastane

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